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Prostitutes Sviblovo

Индивидуалка Asya

+7(963) 728-74-64
Age 28 Weight
Height 169 cm
Weight 52 kg
Breast 1
1 hour -
2 hours 5 000 rur
Night 14 000 rur
This priestess of love yearns for new experiences. With me you will be very pleasant and full. Just call and get maximum enjoyment today.

No permanent friends, and sexual discharge is required ?! Or you want to relax on the full program, but without a moral obligation ?! The ideal solution would be to order a prostitute "Sviblovo" metro station. Photos of girls in the most indecent postures with questionnaires posted on site, will allow to pick one or more of the fairies love.


As good as it gets…


Intimate atmosphere, burning candles, music sounds fascinating, comfortable bed, which can be located in any position to get the maximum enjoyment from the dates:


  • luxury body girls deliver unearthly thrill his touch;
  • erotic massage or a professional striptease excitement reaches boiling point;
  • all kinds of sex (classic, anal or oral, group, with the use of devices);
  • role-playing game with elements of BDSM.


Minx will not mind doing a blowjob, lick each client's body cell in its playful tongue, give all their holes for the execution of cherished desires. To have sex with such skilled workers as possible on the territory of the girls, and a sauna, car and invite to a private party. Sex with such beauties want to again and again and again and again ...