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Prostitutes Smolenskaya

Индивидуалка Anita

+7(916) 064-73-37
Age 34 Weight
Height 174 cm
Weight 50 kg
Breast 3
1 hour 3 000 rur
2 hours -
Night 7 000 rur
Unlimited opportunities for the brave men. Let us together to practice sex with a strap-on. I promise you this security.

Qualitative and awesome sex without moral boundaries and moral conventions can give prostitutes from "Smolenskaya" metro station. This Kudesnitsa craftswomen and the strength to fulfill any customer's whim, to bring transcendental pleasure to be obedient and submissive.


Perfect sex


Magic atmosphere, lots of candles, soft music and dim lights in the apartment or at all - fast in the car or the toilet, complete isolation at a private party or a sauna - this is an incomplete list of environments in which the libertine can fulfill the customer's order. Girls afford everything. This is about:


  • erotic massage;
  • a professional striptease;
  • classic sex;
  • group relations;
  • anal or oral versions satisfaction;
  • role-playing games.


And all this is done at the first hint, in the best possible way. There is nothing forbidden or shameful, girls love to please their clients. Their young, gorgeous and hot body simply created for endless sex-marathon, during which will be endless and enchanting orgasm.


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