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Prostitutes Slavyanskij bulvar

Индивидуалка Alla

8 (499) 643 43 91
Age 23 Weight
Height 170 cm
Weight 56 kg
Breast 2
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
I bring considerable variety to your sex life. I can not stand the humiliation among their clients. Call anytime!

Индивидуалка EVA

Age 20 Weight
Height 170 cm
Weight 52 kg
Breast 3
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т

Индивидуалка Nika

Age 43 Weight
Height 174 cm
Weight 67 kg
Breast 5
1 hour 3 000 rur
2 hours 6 000 rur
Night 20 000 rur

So you want sex, just unbearable, and no girlfriend ?! Do not despair: the prostitute with a "Slavic Boulevard" metro station to help in such a delicate and very intimate situation.


These Kudesnitsa and masters ...


Call girl can be trusted with their most cherished sexual fantasies and erotic dreams, with them actually realize the most, at first glance, obscene or vulgar desire, they do not make fun of and not neglected. They are easy and simple! The main thing is to choose one or more beauties, profiles and portfolios with a photo in the most explicit photos can be found on the website


  • young or mature;
  • skinny or pyshnotelye;
  • with small breasts or breasts chic;
  • miniature dolls or athletic;
  • mulatochki and Slav, Asians and Negress.


Fairies fulfill desires


The main purpose of sex Kudesnitsa - perform any client desires. And let it not bother, it's a blowjob or group sex, anal, or role-playing games, the use of toys and accessories, erotic massage and striptease, golden rain, trampling, copulation involving lesbians, scat - everything will be done in the best possible way. Like so, he wants more and more, over and over again ...