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Prostitutes Savelovskaya

Индивидуалка Olya

+7(905) 577-28-57
Age 36 Weight
Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg
Breast 3
1 hour 3 500 rur
2 hours 7 000 rur
Night 15 000 rur
Dear customers. Sweet kitty is waiting for you. I know with the help of which you indulge and relax. Come, without me, your life is not as interesting and fulfilling.

I want to kick back and relax, have fun and recharge positive energy ?! The ideal option would be sex. Yes, it is a chic and luxurious, dissolute and sexy prostitute from the metro station "Savelovskaya".


Girls - could not be better!


Minx can be selected by any of the criteria:


  • Slav, Asians, mulattos and black woman;
  • young and mature;
  • blondes, brunettes and brown-haired;
  • with large or small breasts;
  • and in thin persons body.


Each chosen one is able to fulfill any customer's wish: I want to erotic massage not only with hands, but the tongue - no problem, blow or fisting - always "behind!" The frantic sex in the elevator car or the toilet - only hint, need more friends - always please . The girls do not mind any poses all sorts of experiments and pampering. They are happy to give their fans cunnilingus hot pussy or do not mind anulingus, golden rain, or scat. Role playing will satisfy the erotic fantasies that excited the imagination of the customer for many years: the evil teacher, secretary offending, slutty nurse, who should be punished in the cruelest way ...


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