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Prostitutes Pyatnitskoe shosse

Индивидуалка Angela

Age 18 Weight
Height 168 cm
Weight 48 kg
Breast 3
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т

Индивидуалка rose

Age 23 Weight
Height 174 cm
Weight 56 kg
Breast 3
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
Прекрасный шоколад для вас с молоком и медом! Мое желание - удовлетворить ваше желание! Ищу симпатичную черную девушку, звони мне Прекрасный шоколад для вас с молоком и...

Индивидуалка Masha

+7(968) 819-52-23
Age 26 Weight
Height 169 cm
Weight 58 kg
Breast 2
1 hour 2 500 rur
2 hours 5 000 rur
Night 10 000 rur
My delicate hands ready to relax every man and to give him the most pleasant sensations. I know what you want and do it.

The wife constantly have a headache, it is against the experiments in bed, regular sex - all that is possible to wait ... But both want to try new poses, indulge in erotic massage, oral sex ... Is, and so suffer in silence ?! Dreams have come true and help in this prostitute to "Pyatnickoe highway" metro station. This luxurious and beautiful girl under the power to perform even the most cherished sexual desire the client to realize the erotic dreams.


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  • sexual games in all forms;
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  • Use toys.


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