Prostitutes Novoslobodskaya


19 Weight / 172 cm / 59 kg / 3

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2 hours Е
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24 Weight / 174 cm / 54 kg / 2

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31 Weight / 169 cm / 56 kg / 2

+7(963) 921-85-92
1 hour 3 500 rur
2 hours 7 000 rur
Night -
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Every day, prostitutes are gaining more and more popularity. And this is not surprising, because these girls are trouble-free and ready to provide you with all kinds of sexual services at a very affordable price.


Moths are working in the area of "Novoslobodskaya" metro station and provide services to any representative of the stronger sex, because the cost of high-quality sex will not make a big impact on the wallet.


Intimate services can be delivered at the specified address of the client, as well as in the apartment at individualki. It depends on the individual wishes of the customer. The questionnaire submitted to the site «», you can get acquainted with the services you liked any prostitute who yearns to bring you incomparable nothing to sexual pleasure.


Cost of services night priestesses is completely dependent on her experience, appearance and shape, as well as the list of services, the main ones are:


Main services:


  • Deep throating.
  • All kinds of sex, from oral to anal.
  • Strip.
  • Ejaculation in the mouth and face.
  • oral sex.