Prostitutes Mitino


22 Weight / 167 cm / 52 kg / 2

8 (499) 643 43 91
1 hour 7 000 rur
2 hours -
Night 13 000 rur
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19 Weight / 170 cm / 55 kg / None

1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
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20 Weight / 168 cm / 55 kg / 3

1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
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In the area the Mitino metro station in Moscow modern prostitutes provide services to all unsatisfied men. Among beautiful young ladies it is very easy to be lost because all of them are well-groomed, beautifully and are fashionably dressed, possess lovely voices and good manners.


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That sex by the courtesan seemed to the gentleman paradise on Earth, they follow some rules:


  • Lack of the bans.
  • Readiness to experiment.
  • Full safety.
  • Good health and exception of any infections.
  • Devotion and big enthusiasm.


All this does them by ideal mistresses who will not express the claims, and with pleasure pleasure and a sensuality will plunge into the sensual sea.


The man who at least once will use intimate services of night nymphs of the station will forever keep memories of the unforgettable moments of proximity and it is obligatory to return to them again.