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Prostitutes Mayakovskaya

Индивидуалка Polina

+7 (915) 454-41-15
Age 27 Weight
Height 171 cm
Weight 52 kg
Breast 2
1 hour 1 500 rur
2 hours 3 000 rur
Night -
Oral sex with a deep swallow. I use thin condoms which do not distort the positive feelings. Do not doubt that will blow you pleasant.

Индивидуалка Liza

Age 19 Weight
Height 168 cm
Weight 50 kg
Breast 3
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
Am sexy will my wet pussy, and always ready to satisfy you just call me and i will be right dere with you

Seek professional prostitutes man can at any time of the day or night. After all, they do not have a schedule of work and are ready to provide sexual services near Mayakovskaya metro station at any time. For the fairies it is very important that every customer received only high-quality and professional services to enable it to meet all aesthetic wishes. Girls care about their customers, so the process of sexual intercourse always takes place in a warm and charming atmosphere. Each fairy passes routine check by a doctor, so do not worry about the safety of their health.


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