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Prostitutes Baumanskaya

Индивидуалка Dina

+7 (985) 235-77-92
Age 23 Weight
Height 173 cm
Weight 75 kg
Breast 2
1 hour 1 500 rur
2 hours -
Night -
Without me, your sex life will not be complete. But I guarantee you sex without limits, filled with bright colors and a great feeling.

Индивидуалка Jessica

Age 20 Weight
Height 170 cm
Weight 55 kg
Breast 3
1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
Am beautiful and sexy always ready to satisfy you just call me and i will be ...

Индивидуалка Oksana

+7 (915) 304-24-58
Age 32 Weight
Height 170 cm
Weight 70 kg
Breast 5
1 hour 1 500 rur
2 hours 3 000 rur
Night -
I'll give you the sea of pleasure and a flurry of positive emotions with the help of a full relaxing, erotic massage.

If you have not used the services of beautiful courtesans from the metro station Bauman, then you still have such a wonderful opportunity. All these girls are incredibly beautiful and burning stuff that can give the customer the maximum satisfaction and pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse. Prostitutes do not be afraid to experiment, on the contrary, they try to use a different sexual manipulation to their client in no way needed. To do this, each fairy has full experience and all the professional quality.

Features of prostitutes and their services

Regardless of age, confused, it has enough power to pick up to each client an individual approach, taking care of its relaxation and enjoyment. You rolled a great opportunity to play in a variety of role-playing games with the young lady, feel the body of nurses, secretaries, and other images militsionershi girls.

Services may be different, they include:

  • Classic, anal sex with deep penetration.
  • Gentle and pleasant massage, including professional.
  • BDSM: flogging, trampling, fetish.
  • Fisting, rimming, scat issuance and acceptance.
  • Escort and photos for the client's memory.