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25 Weight / 170 cm / 53 kg / 3

1 hour Н
2 hours Е
Night Т
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24 Weight / 170 cm / 52 kg / 3

+7 (985) 098-73-06
1 hour 2 000 rur
2 hours 4 000 rur
Night -
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For a long time about prostitutes were formed not the best thoughts and impressions, but to date, this service can be regarded as one of the high-paying jobs. After all, every fairy relaxing man near the metro station Altufyevo has beautiful data, and can afford to go to beauty salons, massages and other beauty treatments. The girls have a full service to their customers and try to fully comply with their taste preferences.

Any you have selected a prostitute can fully meet your requirements and wishes, make the process of sexual intercourse practical, enjoyable. You no longer need to look for beauty among the current girls clubs and other dubious establishments. After all, professional prostitutes can bring only high-quality and long-lasting pleasant sensations, to diversify your sex life and make the process simply unforgettable.

Basic public services Beauties

  • Massage and all its derivatives.
  • Gentle and passionate sexy dancing.
  • Role-playing games.
  • Using advanced sex toys.
  • Sex in all modern attitudes.
  • Extreme variations of sex and games.